Rescue & Emergency First Response Course Steps in Dubai

e-learning Advanced Open Water Course

Start Your E-learning 1/3

EFR: The EFR course focuses on teaching primary and secondary care skills for responding to medical emergencies, both within and outside of a diving context. These skills are valuable for everyday life, as they can be applied to various situations where emergency care is needed. 
Duration: 2-3 hours

Rescue: You’ll research the concepts behind preventing, recognizing, and responding to accidents. Self-rescue, stress management, emergency supplies, and diver first aid may all be covered.
Duration: 8-12 hours

Practice With Instructor 2/3

Learn the eight necessary abilities to assist others in a crisis. Learn how to perform CPR on a manikin specifically designed for the purpose, practice bandaging and splinting, and use your newly acquired knowledge in a role-playing situation.
The swimming lessons are a lot of fun. Through role-playing exercises with other students and your teacher, you’ll get practice dealing with situations like a leg cramp and helping a weary diver.
  • Prerequisites: Desire to help others
  • Minimum age: 12 years or older

Duration: 2 to 3 Days


open water diving certificate

You Are Certified 3/3

After this course, you will be certified and learn how to:

  1. Respond to a variety of illnesses and injuries..
  2. Help someone who is choking.
  3. Handle a possible spinal injury.
  4. Apply bandages and splints.

Duration : EFR to be renewed every Year 

About PADI Rescue & EFR Course

Anyone interested in learning first aid and CPR techniques can enroll in the EFR course, which is not dive-specific.

You may improve your knowledge, abilities, and confidence in dealing with diving-related emergencies and medical crises by taking the Rescue Diver and EFR courses. They are significant milestones in the direction of improving one’s diving skills and responsibility.

Package included: 

✓ Full Diving Equipments✓ EFR Training Equipments
✓ Basic Swimming skills are required
✓ Shower and Toilets Are Available
✓ FREE Equipment & Wetsuit during the course
✓ FREE Unlimited Refreshment
✓ FREE Underwater Photos & Videos


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