About Us

We believed that Scuba diving is not only just a hobby, it’s a way of life! We offer different levels of Scuba diving courses, and specialties.

We are a Scuba Divers that tried scuba diving 11 years ago and enjoyed it, in a way that it became a habit and part of our lifestyle. Passion of Scuba diving and discovering underwater world shaped a new excuse to travel to more countries and dive in a new and different dive sites and spots.

We care we share mentality led to suggest and offer this extreme sport which was unknown to many people, by spreading the beautiful culture of scuba divers and their society and a various marine life and creature, to as many friends and people. Gained experience and creative ideas led to implement new, cool and high standards services to share this water sport among people who are looking for something new and adventures activities.  

Our professional and friendly stuff are registered and trained asper PADI professional standards. They are the best and coolest instructors. They have experience dealing with so many scenarios like non swimmers, phobia of water and sea, and first timers. We proudly say that almost all our visitors they were happy and satisfied in a way they liked it and continued to become a certified divers. We are using new and high end brands of scuba diving equipment to assure our visitors and clients to have a memorable experience.

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Please feel free to ask and inquire about scuba diving and underwater world. We are pleased to share what we know with you.

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