What is Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a recreational activity that involves exploring the underwater world using specialized breathing equipment called scuba gear. The acronym “SCUBA” stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba diving allows individuals to venture beneath the water’s surface and experience the underwater environment firsthand.

Scuba diving provides a unique opportunity to explore underwater ecosystems, encounter marine life, and observe the fascinating world beneath the surface. Divers can explore coral reefs, underwater caves, shipwrecks, and various other dive sites that offer different environments and marine species.

Best Scuba Diving Experience in Dubai

Scuba diving can be enjoyed for recreational purposes, such as leisure diving or underwater photography, as well as for professional purposes like scientific research, underwater archaeology, and commercial diving. It offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience for those who have a passion for exploring the wonders of the underwater world.

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The first experience of diving in water turned out to be great. The service was provided at a high level, the guys know their business.
Ravi ChauhanRavi Chauhan
12:18 20 Nov 23
Me and my wife celebrated our 100 months of togetherness on 19th Nov 2023 by trying Scuba Dive and I am glad that I chose ScubaDive.ae to surprise my wife!They not only made our day special with a beautiful quote written on a waterproof card (complementary from their side) but also, both of our coaches, viz., Carlos Sir and Ishaq Sir demonstrated utmost patience while teaching and guiding us the process of scuba diving as me and my wife didn't know swimming and it was our first experience of scuba diving. They both are really very kind and patient for which they have our sincere respect!Last but not the least, a big heart to Mr. Ali, who helps create such memories and has such a wonderful team out there! He also provided us the certificates of completion for "Try Scuba Diving Session" as a gift from their side.Once again, thanks a lot for making our day so special and if you're looking for a scuba dive experience, we would highly recommend ScubaDive.ae❤️
Muhammed AjmalMuhammed Ajmal
11:25 19 Nov 23
Priya SinghPriya Singh
11:21 19 Nov 23
It was 1st time me and my husband trying the scuba Diving it was the best decision to all the staff and the owner is really amazingSpecially Aju if you are the 1st time diver he is your best buddy he have a lot of patience I swear and very professionalWe loved it so much definitely we recommend to all and will doing this again for sure
Jamsheed CooperJamsheed Cooper
11:12 12 Nov 23
I did the open water diver course and got my open diver certification from here. Ali and Carlos were very professional and the process was perfect from beginning to end. Ali guided me through each step and Carlos is a great dive instructor. I am now confident to do my first dive. Thank you Ali, Carlos, Taher, and Ajoo. I had a great time!
elizabeth vargheseelizabeth varghese
12:16 21 Jul 23
It was my first scuba diving experience. Inspite of outside temperature being very hot around 45 -50 degree, we still enjoyed the underwater experience. We booked for try dive in Dubai Promo 500 AED for two people. I enjoyed the experience, even though we couldn't go that much deep inside water still enjoyed the whole experience. Allen was our instructor he was very patient and safe instructor. Would recommend to try this if trying scuba diving for the first time even though water underneath is not that clear ,you can still experience and learn about scuba diving.
Gaurav SharmaGaurav Sharma
18:21 14 Jul 23
My first dive. Really enjoyed the experience. Instructor ( Allen) was really helpful and ensured that I was safe and had fun. Would really recommend them. The water in Dubai is not very clear but still a very good experience because of the instructor.
M AhmadM Ahmad
10:58 01 Jul 23
It was the first time for me and I been a bit worries abou it ,But the presence of a nice and helpful team made it very easy and we really enjoyed it. I recommend asking about Brother Ali, the coordinator in charge of the matter. He is really a wonderful person and did not hesitate to provide advice and guide us with all kindness, as well as the coach Very friendly and teaches you the basics before diving intoo deepI will repeat it again soon and I definitely recommend everyone who has the ability to test it
Erlyne MabaloErlyne Mabalo
06:00 02 Jun 23
The Diving instructor are trully professional.It was my first time, and I panicked in the middle of the dive.. but Mr Romon, reassured me, made me relaxed and he pushed me to go dive again and enjoyed the experience even more.I will surely come back!
Nima HamidiNima Hamidi
08:27 17 May 23
I did my open water course with them and after did a trip to Fujairah with 3 of my friends who were beginners. They loved their Fujairah trip which lasted about 4 hours and had a introduction and a tour. Because I had my open water license by then I mostly looked around while my friends were practicing their basic skills.The open water classes were well organized, started on-time and lasted around 3 to 3.5 hours. I definitely recommend giving scuba diving a try.
Venkatesh PVenkatesh P
13:55 20 Apr 23
Can describe in one word,FASCINATING. we went by 1.00 PM. Mr.Ali who lead the whole process was really kind and professional. The trainer Mr.Ivar was too patient,extremely professional and letting us to get comfortable the whole 2 hrs for learning process. Tent was given for changing dress.A mist visit,Hidden Gem and worth of every penny.
karishma chrixlkarishma chrixl
08:45 08 Jan 23
I give them 5 stars for the organiser Mr. Ali and the instructor Mr. Berten. They were very professional and made the diving amazing.They share you a location of the dive, get your foot wear and body size for the diving suit.Once the diving starts ,the instructor gives you clear rules to be followed to enjoy your lovely dive in the Persian Gulf.Training around 15 minutes will be done in the sea.And when you go in keep in mind the instructions given to you, no need to panic because you ll be guided in a most professional way.It's perfectly safe even if you go alone.Beautiful pictures and unlimited videos will be taken.Tell them your special occasion and book on that day to get celebrated with the fishes inside.Tent will be provided to change your dress.Please wear flip flops.Choose sunny day so you have a clear under water view.Worth the cost, Guys you rocked 😇