Try Scuba Dive Package

Classroom Briefing At Our Dive Center

One you arrived at the Great white dive center our staff will welcome you and treat  you with smile and refreshment. Our stuff will guide you to the classroom to start the briefing session. Professional Instructors at Great White Diving will brief you about what are the equipment and how to use them inside the class room. After classroom briefing you will go to changing area and keep your personal belongings in the dedicated lockers. Then you will be get your suitable Diving Equipment.

Practice With Instructor

After classroom briefing you will ride with us from diving center to diving site to start the practical session, Will on how to use the equipment like how to breath using diving regulator. Also how to use the diving mask underwater and how to clear it if water goes inside. Coolest part is how to communicate underwater with each others.
Afterward, instructors will make sure that you are ready to continue underwater and start the Scuba dive.
Scuba Diving experience in Dubai

You Are Diving Now..! 

It is the time to Start underwater diving for at least 45 minutes. Meanwhile you will do marine life interaction and your instructor will make sure to get you nice photos and many videos to keep your experience a memorial diving trip. We will drive you back to our dive center and you will get separated showers and changing area. Now your photos, videos and certificate are ready to be collected by you.

Package included

Booking Steps for Try Dive in Dubai

Select your preferred date and time and number of divers and follow to start your booking.

Free Snorkeling Session in Dubai

After you are done with scuba diving adventure other experience is waiting for you. You will get a free snorkeling session with us.

Free Snorkeling session in Dubai

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