About PADI Refresher Course

Here’s an overview of a typical refresher diving course:

  1. Knowledge Review: The course usually begins with a review of important diving knowledge and theory. This may include topics such as dive planning, equipment setup, dive safety procedures, and diving physics and physiology. 

  2. Equipment Orientation: You’ll have a session to familiarize yourself with the scuba diving equipment. This includes learning how to assemble and disassemble the gear, checking its functionality, and understanding the purpose of each component. 

  3. Skill Practice: The core of the refresher course involves practicing essential diving skills in a confined water environment, such as a swimming pool or shallow dive site. 

  4. Open Water Dive: After the confined water skills practice, you’ll typically have the opportunity to apply your refreshed skills during an open water dive. 

  5. Certification and Recommendations: Upon successful completion of the refresher diving course, you’ll receive a certification or completion card. 

Refresher Diving Course: 

Participating in a refresher diving course is a responsible approach to diving after a long break. It helps ensure your skills and knowledge are up to date, enhances your safety underwater, and allows you to enjoy diving with confidence.

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